The airNEST orange Hybrid: a convertible surface for pressure injury prevention and treatment

The airNEST orange Hybrid is a therapeutic support surface that assists in preventing and treating pressure injuries in multiple care environments. This non-powered air/foam surface can convert into a powered air surface, thus providing the additional therapies of alternating pressure (AP) and low air loss (LAL).

A convertible therapeutic surface made for prevention and treatment

The airNEST orange Hybrid can be used both as a non-powered and powered pressure redistributing surface. As a non-powered surface, pressure redistribution is done via self-adjusting technology (SAT), also known as reactive low-pressure interface. Pressure in the air cells is readjusted through body movement or repositioning. In powered mode, its multi-therapy system provides alternating pressure and on demand low air loss to optimize pressure redistribution and microclimate management of the skin.

Safety for patients

The airNEST orange Hybrid was designed with stability and safety in mind. Its firm foam perimeter forms a solid edge to facilitate sit-to-stand transfers and bed egress/ingress.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface

The intuitive control panel allows the caretaker to quickly set patient weight, select either static or alternating pressure therapy, determine AP cycle times, and activate or deactivate low air loss therapy.

Key features for added performance

Air-foam cells

The pre-filled air-foam cells and 3-zone construction with varying foam densities and IFD ratings offer additional immersion and envelopment to support the needs of the different areas of the body. The 2-layer foam topper made of viscoelastic and polyurethane ensures support and patient comfort.

Control unit

The control unit is quiet, compact, and lightweight. It allows the caretaker to easily select the therapy, determine AP cycle time, and adjust weight settings for optimal therapeutic performance and patient comfort.

Top cover

The triple layer top cover provides LAL therapy to manage heat buildup and humidity, thus allowing for microclimate management of the skin. It is removable, fluid resistant, low friction & shear, vapor permeable and is available in either nylon or 4-way stretch polyurethane.

Firm lateral foam support

The firm lateral foam support offers stability and safety to reduce the risk of patient falls or entrapment.




35" W x 80" or 84" L x 7" H 88.9 cm W x 203 cm or 213 cm L x 17.8 cm H

Weight Capacity

500 lb (227 kg)

Mattress weight

43.5 lb (19.7 kg)

Control unit


13.8" x 11" x 6.5" (35 cm x 28 cm x 16.4 cm)


10.2 lb (4.6 kg)

AP Cycle Times

5, 10, 15 & 20 minutes


Meets flammability standards CAL 117, CAL 129, 16 CFR 1632, & 16 CFR 1633

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